Warning to new players

If you are just starting Neo Monsters think twice before spending your money on this game. You may see a monster that you really want, you may spend $100 on gems to get said monster and the next day devs will nerf it to the extent that it’s now worthless. Don’t get me wrong this is a good game and I’ve enjoyed playing it for years but I’m sure as hell not going to spend another cent on it and you shouldn’t either.

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I don’t know why you look familiar to me haha

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What mon are you salty about that was nerfed that you spent money on?


I heard he spent a bunch of money to awaken Medbie lmaoooooo


Are you referring to Lemon? This update buffed 12 monsters and nerfed the second form of 1. They only makes nerfs to monsters when there’s a balance problem. Lemon was too strong in her second form, doing practically all she did in the final form and was incredibly powerful for only 11 cost. Believe me, she’s still very strong but is now more balanced.


Lmao my guy :muscle: :fire::100:

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