Waiting for opponent...

Okay so I’ve asked around about this and I’ve noticed I’m not the only one but never got an answer:

I cannot seem to find anyone when “Searching” for a fellow PvPer. A minute passes and it will return to the game.

-I have tried every possible combination of closing the app and GameCenter sign outs and ins.
-I have restarted my device and force closed the app more than I can count.
-i have tried to PvP on a different WiFi and even on 3G

Is this a bug with PvP or is there literally no one playing? I even started a new game to check this in different leagues and I was lucky to get 1 fight a day (and that was super lucky!)

I understand there are a lot of issues when concerning PvP but this one has never been addressed to my knowledge.

I appologise that this isn’t in the bugs section but others that have asked about this have had no answers.
Thanks Chrisie.

It must be an issue with Game Center as nothing was changed on ZigZaGame’s side.  I’m sorry that you are having this issue but it’s an Apple issue not a Hunter Island issue.

Great thank you very much PRED. No need to apologise, just the reply was enough.
It was just frustrating not knowing if it was my device or someone else.
Thanks again.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

I have a feeling that it’s not entirely the fault of Game Center. I think it has to do with how Game Center is connecting with Hunter Island. There may be bugs in that connection area - where come together, so to speak. Or, in other words, how Hunter Island is handling the connection with Game Center.

That makes a lot of sense, I am just puzzled as to why it’s only affecting certain people - other players seem to have no problem in finding a fight and I for example am lucky to get 1 a day.
I had questioned if it was to do with the Region, being in the UK. However I have not asked other about their location so I cannot clarify the thought.

Hopefully it will be resolved soon. Once you’ve completed the game PvP is the main (if only) highlight left.
Thanks for the reply Ash.