Having trouble after I press the PvP icon.

Once I press it , I get directed to Game Center. It hasn’t done this before till now. Got any suggestions.

Maybe u have to login into gamecenter?

That happens to me a lot. Just close the app and delete it from the task bar (double click home). Then reopen

Nope. I’m logged in. I was hoping this is the bug.

Maybe it’s a bug maybe it isn’t. I’ve had over 1400 matches by now and this has happened to me say twice? So it doesn’t happen often at all, & I normally just click the pvp again a couple times & there it worked & I didn’t have to face the problem anymore for a while.

It happens a lot to me. When you go on hunter island, sometimes it wont have the gamecenter notification: welcome back (username). So then gamecenter isn’t connected to hunter island. I just close the app from the task bar (double click home) and it works.