disconnect issue

in 2 PvP battles in a row, I ended up winning the battle only to get to the end of the battle and get the pop-up notice telling me that I had disconnected and lost the battle as a result of being disconnected. I was connected to my home wireless and checked after each loss and confirmed I was still connected. my opponent in both battles was still active and fighting against me, with no noticeable delays in their actions.

has anybody else seen this before? I already got kicked out of the online mission once tonight on level 7, so had already forceclosed and reset. I am running iOS v8.3 on my phone if that makes a difference. I know I won’t get those wins back, but if there is something I can do to keep from getting that error again I would appreciate it. thanks!

I think it’s a common glitch, it happens to me now and then. The ultimate streak killer ~_~

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did they notice this glitch yet ?

I am surprised that Hunter Island is still alive.

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It really isn’t.

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