Very difficult OM

So I’ve never had problems finishing OMs in the past, but I can’t get past level 20 with this one! I’ve tried all week and am totally stuck. About half my ark lineup is lvl 99 and the others are all above 70. It’s really discouraging.
I’m not really complaining, just surprised it’s suddenly so difficult to finish, especially since I have higher level arks.

Also, I preferred dungeons where I just had to run to the right to get to the stairs. I hate having to search all over the dungeon… It’s contributing to all my arks getting killed.

It’s the first one that I completed and I got the OM ark too.

Long term solution for OM being too hard is to get more level 99 arks, duplicates of them, 8.5 star above.

PRotect your main arks like omega with offering & risky heals.

If you have more lvl 99 arks, u can choose which ones to take, eg you can bring a couple of hydrawryms, some leviathans & boost them with ocarina that can boost water by 40%,… that will last you for a while…

Another solution is to get more musical scores, try tackling Infinity dungeon, you can get a musical score for every 10 floors completed.

I don’t know what you are complaining about…I have zero level 99 arks and only 30 in my line up and I managed to get through it.  The level 18 boss fight was damn near impossible (Tried 5 times before I got lucky and entered with most of my arks still alive).  Focus on copper horn, then the other.  Finish with the char in the middle.  The boss fight was a joke.  I didn’t use half my arks.  My first 3 got Ko’d and they are my strongest…plasmarex, levi, mellatiod or whatever his name is.  The damn stun knocked them out.  But with chopper bug skin and my two arks that do time strike…it was really easy.  Didn’t even need to rely on my level 97 glacio nor my pyrowyrm at level 82…those are my back bones.  Trick is to work the map correctly and move side to side more than up and down.  Avoid any fights you can :slight_smile: