18th floor

I can’t beat the three Triphoon’s on the the 18th floor in OM.Any strategies? I have a level 99 Omega.

I just got lucky and two of them life flipped at close to full health and I took them down quite easily.

2 arks come in mind

1- stegotops, with no guard he can be usefull and a heavy hitter too

2- georex; with his dracobane he should be heavy hitter too

try to put some arks who can stun skin and flash bombs before those 2  arks with  and to protect them with wind void

not to mention vegitiger would be a deal sealer

Don’t even bother, all the prizes are gone. All you’ll get is a stupid mission egg

Why shouldn’t he bother? If he gets the last Windra that he’s missing to fuse the Triphoon then it would be brilliant, eh? I myself was busy all weekend meaning that I had to rely on that mission egg which I btw got the Windra from!! I myself messed them up using arks with dracobane mixed with haste. Seeing as Georex isn’t too hard to get your hands on he could be useful to have in your line up - he’s Earth (strong against air) and he has got dracobane. Vegitiger which I know is a goldegg ark was crazy good to have in my team too, as he’s even stronger and has got db and is Earth too. Make the Don your last to get a chance to showdown and omega 2nd, 3rd or 4th last so that his vengeance will be more powerful and kick some butt! If you still have troubles I’m sure you could find some better tactics around here. Also use a couple of hours to level up your arks. Good luck and sorry if my english is a little flawed - I’m danish and besides that very tired right now :slight_smile:

En dansker er altid godt!

Well that’s all well and good. Tell it to the thousands of others who got ripped off just because they weren’t the first 10% don’t even get me started on mission eggs… Of course your gonna tell people to go for it, you won lol far more people loose and it’s very unfortunate because now we will have to wait and see if it gets released in the future…which I doubt.

I wouldn’t call it getting ripped off. Online missions are free to participate in so it’s costing you nothing but your time, which you choose to give up.

Even if you don’t finish in the top 10%, you’re getting two free Windra’s (still a 6 star arkadian) and a free Gold Mission Egg. That’s the complete opposite of a ripoff.

I get that it can be disappointing to miss out on the main prize but you’re still getting free stuff. 

Developers have already stated that OM arkadians will be released at some point in the future, we just don’t know how yet.