Valentine's Day 2021

Pff, I spoke too soon. The free login stuff is lovely but a special egg and no new monsters is a massive disappointment. Only something special for paying players. Don’t get me wrong… the guaranteed banner is great for any spenders but I was really hoping for something exciting to spend a few gems on.

I feel like the release rate of legendaries has been slowing. The shop legendaries don’t count for much because we can’t exactly go for many of them. Anniversary + Halloween and then Christmas + New Year brought us a bunch of new legendaries but if we’re not going to get a new one in an egg every 1-2 months it’s not going to keep the game moving. We get more mythics coming out than legendaries and nearly half the legendaries are being shop exclusive for 12 tickets.

Hanzowolf doesn’t even look like a nice design. “SOLO” Blood Clone Next, ugh, and Alpha Strike that you can only use at the back of your team. Yeah it’s alright strength because you’ve got protect + petrify revenge and if it’s left long enough it can blood clone to get a second going and try to rock lock the opponent but to be honest that’s just an annoying way to play and the awkward design of the moveset means it’s going to feel clumsy to use.
EDIT: I just realised that doing a “rock lock” with Hanzowolf is difficult because it is a protector (if you have the SS on), hence you can’t use raw with it easily. Awkward is the word!


I would like to know if we are going to have a festival or will it happen again like Halloween?

I very much doubt it now… the SCB is lasting 1 week so it’ll be too late to be a festival by then (way past Valentine’s Day)

Probably not since the SCB ends a week from now and they usually use it to introduce new mons and we don’t have a double gem sale which usually accompanies festival.

Guess no festival this valentines ._.

Lol jinx there Squinty

Btw the gurranted mythic banner says … “+6 star tickets ×10”…

Well the mythic banners say it’s Valentine’s so…we are not going to have a festival :wink:

I have seen eggs with 6% chance for legendary before.
But im not sure was it xmas egg or new year egg?
Or was it some egg for beginners only??

So i just keep collecting dem gems forever forever and forever…

Nice job devs.You have officially crossed that one line you shouldn’t have


It’s a ninja… Shouldn’t it have moves close to stealth and sneak atk… with some other good moves to make it work…cz stealth is kind of hard to pull off if it’s not camo ._.

You attaching those screenshots next to each other just made me realise… Lilithia is wearing something very similar to Asmodia, just with parts of the clothes removed


Stealthy entrance and assassinate kind of fit that part

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Aha ok ig… :thinking::thinking:

What line? Not releasing a festival during a holiday? They already did this during Haloween I don’t know why you are shocked at this :man_shrugging:t5:

Atleast there was some new mons and everyone pretty much was in the same situation.But now they added a P2w only egg which gives way more stuffs than beginner one and literally no new mons in the banner.Added the fact that the new shop mon is basically made for the ones who bought that choice egg to pretty much buy it.

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Halloween was way better because of the fact that it can be accessed by f2p
There was new mons and a very good one at that

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I don’t like to set my expectations too high or complain too much about these things but I really think Valentine’s Day would’ve been excellent if they did what they have done but also just make the egg a festival and either put a couple of extra legendaries in the egg or release a new legendary and/or mythic. I don’t think that’s a tall ask and would’ve meant there’s something for everyone.

I would’ve easily had that and a smaller login bonus. Throwing free stuff at us is lovely but when there’s release stuff that’s not widely accessible then it alienates part of the player base.


the Monsters shop needs an update, they nerfed the best of the shop so it no longer makes sense that it remains the same it should have constant changes,
And definitely now the goal is sleep and stealth, so they should put better and new counters