Will there be an Easter festival egg?

Are we assuming there will be an Easter festival egg today? I have 150ish gems burning for a spin on the Tortogeist banner… Haha

id say theres a probability of 0.6

Valentine’s was already cancelled so hope for the best but prepare for the worst.


What does that even means?

0.4 meaning there wont be a fest or maybe there will be one, a paid one,

0.6 is in the favour of a f2p fest based on the sighting of the new myth in MC
it will be decided in an hour, dont count your eggs as yet, the devs are unpredictable asf bro hahah

I’m on the same position

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lmfao no fest, but we have the new myth lol special egg

No fest. Devs given up on festive spirit I guess


10 gems as consolation

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Well, at least Valentine’s Day had something compared to Easter :confused:

Both are missing the opportunity to spend saved gems, though, which was not the way it went in the past as far as I gathered from this forum (I only saw those two so far personally).

Kind of a bummer, each time expecting to open a bunch of packs after saving up just to see I’d have to miss out on the 1,5x multiplier to hatch something or wait for some random festival egg like after Valentine’s day. (Those are still coming, right?^^)

I used 120 gems on deathgazer special egg but got nothing.
Will never buy special eggs again, 4% chance for legendaries is just not good enough.

Still have 272 gems left.
Definatly saving these for festival and also farming more gems.


Ahhh damn… sorry to hear. Good luck for the next festival that rolls around. I caved and spent all my gems on the current banner with Tortogeist. I Actually had some nice luck and got the myth, oak, and spectre out of about 150 gems. Now to see if I can work any of them into my team and start saving again

Me too. Once I spent all my saved gems and opened 3 special packs (with 4% chance) and got nothing. Even in one pack I only got one super epic and the rest epics. Since then I learned that opening normal packs is just a waste of gems. I think that 4% for a legendary is just too low. I know the devs want money but I find that 6% in a standard pack would be fair. Now I have 160 gems but I guess I will have to wait even more…

Same pinch