Utopion secret compared with Crimseias

Uto: Single heal without removing poison and sleep, 50 TU, 3 additional cost
Crim: All heal with removing poison and sleep, 100 TU, 2 additional cost

Is it fair?
Uto secret should be 1TU, 1 additional cost or changed to something good imo.
I don’t have any idea what kind of move is best for uto.
If you have an idea, feel free to post that.

Honestly, to me Crim’s SS doesn’t seem that useful, haven’t even bothered to unlock it. On the other hand Uto’s whole point is to be supportive, and Saving Spell is particularly useful to use on himself since he has HG. Crim simply doesn’t have the time to give I suppose.

Utopion is OP as he is. He has 6 heals with overwatch and 400 second bomb. He shouldn’t be able to give turn to himself let alone get a better secret skill

Yeah Utopian is incredible! The secret skills aren’t necessarily worth the cost they add… they balance the cost of the monster between 14-16 depending on how they are as a whole. When you look at Utopian as a whole I can see why it’s 16 cost and Crimseias is 15 cost.

Crimseias’ secret skill isn’t actually that amazing anyway, as Lucrayzor points out. It might be an incredible heal but as for actual uses… there aren’t many. The best use I can think of is removing sleep from your team when you do a one-on-one but you’d need to make Crimseias poison itself first so it won’t get put to sleep.

Utopion is OP. All players who attend PVP can say that.

Delugazar is a big help though.

Deligazer keeps him in check thankfully.