Secret skill ideas

Please post your ideas for new secret skills and which monsters need them
Dolph. Double bloodfury?
1 time use 130 tu
Shocking=retreat, so they can sendback something else then retreat
Loch/shadow= suresleep. Auto sleep 70 tu 1 time use

Buff the create-duplicate legends

Warca/bazil=fast foward. Fast fowards the battle 150 tu. Doesnt not change turn placement

I think that there are a few that just need rework. Like assisted, deatg revenge duplicate, auro, grovo, drako and some more

I suggest a secret skill for these guys would be clone army which is a 1 time use and will cost 50TU. It will replace the other 3 monsters with clones that have 1hp and clones cant use the secret skill. Good idea since it will be an automatic assist hit and if they’re killed then stun everywhere. :slight_smile:

My suggest is double timestrik instead of one for night lord and other leg like him and about secret skill,buff for monster with the element of leg.
For TT like sublia I think of anti knock back skill,
But don’t forget there are some leg that are already good enough and don’t need secret skill,like last bitter.

Chronotitan = stun attack 50 -100 seconds/
Or: acceleration of skills

Emeraldeus = healing to 100% life
Or: hold ground once

Shivadragon = overwatch once

Ultimadragon = Hold Ground once

Shadowhunter= Double sleep or sleep all

And all others are good as there are.
Only Jingledragon could be a little bit more powerful in attack. Takes two or three attacks to kill legendarys. That’s sometimes a little bit to long

Team turn lol

Ultimadragon = Lifeflip self, 1TU

Yeah :joy::joy:

I’m extremely against overwatch on Shivadragon. That just makes it vulnerable to chronokiller and I’d consider that a nerf and not a buff.

I think giving a mediocre/not really good secret skill to a mon that is better without it shouldnt be the way to go. 

For example, I would give overwatch to Leogist instead of Shivadragon since Leogist would’ve been killed either way by chronokiller. Shivadragon that was once not killable by chronokiller should not have a move that makes more vulnerable. That’s more of a risky skill than a secret skill.

Shadowhunter, on the other hand, I totally support.

Shadowhunter is already vulnerable to sleep killer and with double sleep or sleep all doesn’t change what it’s vulnerable to. That’ll only make a monster better and worth calling a secret skill.

ON THE CONTRARY, as you can see, a secret skill can also nerf mons. Therefore if the devs give the move correctly, they can kill two birds with one stone. Give an OP monster a overwatch move. Or give it a protect move to make it vulnerable to protector killer. Give it a sleep single mon move to make it vulnerable to sleep kill. Give it a poison three enemy move to make it vulnerable to toxic killer. ETC 

All the devs have to do to nerf them is to give them these skills, HERE IS THE CATCH, they can’t use it until 100 or 150 TUs after their first attack.

That prevents the moves from making it more powerful AND at the same time, if the team is right, the skill can go off and be rewarding.

I’ll agree with your word but I think all leg don’t need secret skill since they are already good enough and about leo,I prefer a good passive instead of secret,skill like death revenge.but since we are talking about new skill,how about STUN OUT(when died,stun or shock enemy)Leo is too weak against some line-up so unlimited life self(instead of one) and hold ground should do the trick too,

Penguinator and poison legs will do the trick if leo will get hg and lfu. :slight_smile:

Believe it or not leo used to be the most opressive monster in the game. Now he is fine and can do his job without screwing over any and all stuns

No, sorry, hold ground on ultima is a terrible idea. If he’s poisoned then death revenge won’t be able to kick in. And death revenge plays an enormous part in his value. In case you didn’t know, they nerfed rhino and puff by giving them hold ground. And it worked.

I’m loving the idea of boosting Assisted strategies with some sort of Secret skill. While in most cases the introduction of a Secret Skill wouldn’t cut it as a buff, it just might in this case.

Pinning this thread.

Giff warca camoflage and stealth teammate instead of stealth.

I know and I think since some leg compare to other are too good and some are too weak,we need to balance them and so I don’t think all monster need secret skill

He’s fine,I agree with you but look at some leg,they are too powerful and some are not good at all,so how about some skill that makes more balance in this game?

Devs are working on monster balance. Lucrayzor says a new update with balance is coming mid January.