Version 2.0???

When is the update going to be released?? I know it’s probably going to take awhile to finish, but an estimated time frame would be helpfull.

Around the end of the month. 

Either that, or after New Years because Apple

How come other apps can give updates within hours? Some apps have updates like 2 days Ina row. Darn apple needs to hurry up.

Just the way apple works.

I really don’t know the intricacies behind it, all I know is, Apple is evil

Thanks for the info. Now I know I don’t have to wait very long!

Yeah it Will be out soon but Apple takes breaks with Christmas so Thats Why we have to wait ( as patiënt as ever )

What’s new in the update? or has it not been released yet ( the information)

So has anyone heard of any updates for 2.0?? All I know of is that they are going to reset PVP stats and ban all hackers. They are also probably gonna change the egg system and mess around with the OM, but is there anything more?? i.e. new monsters, map expansions, hidden areas, etc.??
Oh yeah, we don’t need any spoilers so if you know of anything BIG, don’t go ruining it for everyone. I just want basic info please.

BA’s are being capped pretty sure there will be newark in wild