Anti (all hackers will be banned from PvP in the next update. Sincerely, Admin) Update

Hello, i read that there is going to be an anti-hack update in january! Is this real? What is it going to do to hackers? Im getting real sick of all those people defeating me just because they cheated. ._.
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

It is true and basically it will ban them from playing PVP

They have records on who has been cheating and they will not be able to play at all

What constitutes a “HACKER”? Would that be someone who illegally messes with the system and gets 1,000,000 diamonds in one day? Or someone who has an army of all S creatures. Just wondering.

if you timed gold you will not be banned. However if you did other stuff to obtain the gold like use hack programs etc that can be traced and they know exactly who did it and they will be banned from pvp and Online missions.

If you farmed S ranks, or got them from eggs with legit gold, your fine haha.