Unwanted Mythic

Is there anyway to exchange a mythic for something else? I played this game a few years ago and came back, but I really don’t like the anime girl trope monsters. I’d rather just have the normal monsters, don’t care if I might be missing out on some good skills. Personally never going to use it and would love to exchange it really for anything else. Didn’t know if there was any possibility of this? Or some system for exchange?

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You can’t swap one monster for another, no. Unfortunately a lot of us have voiced our opinions on the waifus, but they have fallen on deaf ears. I think @Dev_VKC may even feel the same way about the waifus as we do tbh

After seeing how some of the new mythics getting buffed, I feel sad for Lime, Mechydra… Of which the latter went from bad to worse… Where’s the love? :cry:



Nightengale is terrible too, no one uses her, she needs a buff



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