Uninstalling. Anybody with me?


Well, here’s the end of the road for me. While act 1 has been fun, there’s literally nothing else to do. I dont like act 2, 3, and 4. Events are actually bad. Devs are not active. No point wasting time, or even money on a game that doesn’t really go that far. So long everyone, see you in other games, I guess.

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Took you long enough to do that


The game is obviously slow to get going and while this seems to be the best option to do right now I would wait and give it another chance in the future. There are many games that are better, more fun and rewarding right now so go play them. If devs manage to release content which is as fun as the offline story was, then it’s worth to come back.


@Imperius did you make an account on this forum just to tell us you were uninstalling the game? Get over yourself!


I uninstalled Neo - does that count? :joy::joy::joy:

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