oppinion on puffoxin?

I think hes amazing if used in right situations. How about everyone else?

I dont have a puffoxin but one of my friends does and says hes pretty good im team kraken though ( i forget how to spell name the giant squid guy :P)

well they both have plague but krakhan have a move that does more damage with the poison…i think both are decent tho

Puffoxin was the one arkadion I keep seeing in PvP team. <_< Eventually I used my own, haha.

So yes, I think it’s good. Debuffs, too!

Puffoxin is one of my fav monsters so I think he’s pretty good

Yuck. I wouldn’t ever use it in PvP :slight_smile:

9/10 of all beta testers I faced used puffoxin one time or another. Haha

I used to ages ago, until I realized it’s not useful like I thought it was.