I met someone using Terror fish

Guess he should be from Japan then…
He had ss+moss+mine+terror combo and had destructor in the end, all s team too.
I won, but I think it’s either my luck or he’s a noob, he clearly didn’t know how to strategically use his team… However I remember when I met him before his team was furious(maybe his wife was playing instead :p)
Anyways, I got rid off terror ASAP, but interesting thing is I didn’t notice any of my arks got hit my volatile. I thought it’s supposed to be an AOE, my three line up was vegetiger, gremkight and Arkwing. I didn’t know what happened lol

Wow those are some great ARKs

Volatile will not affect Gremknight due to a *bug* (not exactly a bug but a temporary design choice to prevent issues, should be changed in the update or sometime thereafter). 

It should certainly have affected the other two.

Strange, was it maybe a scallotooth?