Using more than 4 moves in battle

Hi guys I have certain arkadions with 6 moves yet in battle can only access 4 of them.
How do I access the other 2 moves?

The other two are passive abilities, which means they aren’t attacks, but trigger upon something happening (death, being attacked etc.) or are just active all the time.

Yep, i never seen them work at least not At pvp but if u study these abillities u could set up nasty strong team

I see. Could you tell me if there any passive abilities that are particularly useful and which arkadions possess them?

Like puffoxin , he had death revenge:)

I’ll do some research. Thanks for your help guys!!

My favorite passive abilities:

Fang Break - reduces attack of enemies that hit.

Volatile - damage dealt to the whole enemy field upon death (though in a few cases it only hits one enemy).

Payback - reflect 75% of damage.

Acid Body - reduces defense of enemies that hit.

Charisma - gives ally monsters more attack.

Ash can u name some arks with these passives?

Fang Break - mossgolem

Volatile - don penguini, puffoxin

Payback - infernowyrm, stego

Acid Body - plasmorex

Charisma - meowzard, don penguini

just a few for you jeanette, there’s plenty more I’m sure

Allright thanks lol, I was too lazy to find out myself sorry:P

dont worry about it. =D there are lots more though, just htrowing some quick names out there that are fairly common =D