Why is the Puffoxin only a single star. It seems it should be at least an epic monster. I’ve taken out around 8 of them in the tournament and its death revenge activated every time, almost always targeting a legendary. Does it’s revenge activate 100% of the time. Does it target the strongest opponent? I don’t have it but might have to go capture one.

It’s luck based and the game is always luckier than you if you get one don’t expect it to always work for you it might end up killing your own team
With death roulette as it is random
Death revenge will kill a random monster in the enemy field but only if puffoxin don’t die from a passive move and it will sometimes fail if the opponent has a protect focus monster active on the field

Death Revenge activates when killed by an attack from the opposition. If it dies from poison or recoil from it’s own reckless attack or death roulette/revenge, Death Revenge doesn’t activate.

Honestly Puffoxin and that two star guy that can spam poison gas and has death revenge and roulette is op for the cost. If I didn’t use a sleep team I would use them.

one costs 4 I think and one costs 6, that’s still the cost of a 3.5 star at 6 lol. 

Yeah they are really cool (referring to Death Roulette/Death Revenge)

Except for that one time my Rhynobrawl killed my





Without even getting one of the enemy. It was my first loss literally ever.

It’s funny how Sudden Death from Rexo triggers Death Revenge when it targets my Puffoxin lol.