Ultimate Challenge is almost over. Let me share some of the monsters we use in our guild

This time I’d like to share some of Ultimate Challenge’s common monsters.

This is my first time to play uc. Under the DLGZ guidance of DLGZ KKKMV DLGZ XIXIXI720 DLGZ Afterimage, three BOOS and old members of the guild, I finally reached 1500 level.


By the way, I would like to share three BOSS and my team.

So you’ll see that the monsters we use are basically the same, but the main monsters are the following:

Aurodragon Atrahasis Cosmodragon Goldtail Nebrlronix Onigeist Tortogeist Soulstealet Horrorclaw

Brynhildr wants to wake up

I refer to the team of DLGZ KKKMV, so you will see that our team is very similar.

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What is DLGZ and how do you join it?

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That is the team I am trying, the winning rate is so low that I have a lot of difficulty in the 2000th floor:sweat_smile:

Great work guys and thanks for sharing the tips! I’d like to add that Bovolcus is another great UC monster. Also, Blazebones, for a similar reason to Bovolcus.

Wraithcaptain too, but I don’t have personal experience with it.

Do you know Chinese? You can add QQ software by downloading it.

I don’t😖.

You can download QQ software to communicate. I wonder if there is an English version.

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I wish I had some of these monsters :joy:


That’s nice and all but if you don’t have specific keymonsters you won’t make it too far in UC. People that play UC will notice themselves what mons they need. Gear, Atra, Auro, Cloners, mirror revenge, revive, death revenge and so on. It’s clear what players need to get far in UC.

I got lucky with hatching auroradragon 3 weeks ago from rare egg. Together with atras and cloners most if the fights were long but easier compared to not having them. I wouldn’t say it’s impossible to come far but it’s quite harder yes without these monsters

While this statement is very true, there are a large number of monsters that can contribute something to a UC team. You only need a small selection of the “key monsters” then you put them together with the other small contributors to make a strong team. Ziter wins practically every UC and he doesn’t have Aurodragon or Atrahasis, which are two of the best monsters to have for UC.

Also, while it’s obvious to all us old timers in the game what works for UC and what doesn’t, it’s very useful for all newer players to see exactly how UC teams are constructed and the key components.

Yes, but I mean, if I play games in UC as a fairly new player I should notice myself at some point that specific mons are reappearing in the teams I face. Which honestly should give me enough clues already that some of these mons are “needed” in order to progress far in the challenge.

I haven’t said it’s impossible to come far but at some point, if you lack certain mons, it’s extremly hard to go beyond a certain level.

Wraithcaptain can in some rare cases just win you the game, but most of the time he just get 1 shotted the sec he gets in from an aoe attack. At least thats my experience with him.

That’s if you don’t setup or manage to setup. I always have extra sleepers before wraith for more odds do bloodclone and keep the sleep lock going. Sleep double is amazing!

@DarKsidE555 Yes that’s totally true, looking at enemy teams to see what others like to use. I’m not sure what the matching algorithm is these days but it may be the case you face teams which are from people at the same point in UC as you. Hence, if you’re low down you may not be facing the Aurodragon + DR front lines. Hopefully they get to see enough though.

@Moonblade Like Unown said, Wraithcaptain is the monster you put at the back of your sleep section so hopefully by the point it enters you have a bit more control over what can actually kill your monsters. Since it’s got blood clone next you definitely don’t want to put key components behind (e.g. Geartyrant) as you may not get to them properly. Wraithcaptain lends itself to being played in a way that helps it also be set up.