Ultimate Challenge F600

Any ideas on how to beat floor 600? (For reference, F600 is the one with all the fire monsters and the gravity field)

I’m wondering that as well. Only weakness seems to be sleep, apparently. OoO into Death sentence or Bomb curse doesn’t work cause of Gravity field. Stun won’t work due to stun counters. Only DR seems to be possible, except Novem just shields up their team protecting them from DR. Even Deluga chrono killer only does less than half of Novem’s HP.

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I mean I have put Novadrake in front to deal with the shields, but in the end it’s still too hard :sob::sob::sob:

I always wanted to get Goldtail for a Geartyrant sleep team, but apparently this game thinks I want poison dupes even more lol :sob::sob::sob::sob::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

Just keep gambling with death roulette?

At least it does seem to be a pretty slow FL, which is why Gold tail works. Sad though that I don’t have it either.

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Remember that Novem can just shield. up from your Death roulettes, that’s the problem.

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Which is why I have Novadrake there, to break the shields. I’m just not sure if gambling death roulette is the best way to go about it

You have the monsters to beat this :ok_hand:

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Ok so could someone help me make a team? Thx so much in advance

Does it have something to do with Soulstealer x sleep?

I have the same problem, but at f500, the one with aurodragon and dr cloners in FL. This is my team, and actually i don’t think it’s any good , so every advice would help. I just want that 5 gems to gamble for angelion one more time :joy:

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You can beat gate 600 with Soul and one one , with 2 poision monster use angelion or Se fire have skill puvity all . Good luck

If you don’t have soul you can use Mirror revenge to copy Fire unicorn then build fire team to buff Fire unicorn

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Thx. I have begun trying a thlug setup (fire thlug => sleep) and I have been able to take care of the front line. Now my issue is with the next monsters (though I will time my 2nd sleep all so that Souleater is up immediately for purify all).

This UC is difficult than before

Either sleep or DR.

I’m not sure if this helps but I finished it on my first attempt with this team:

chrontitan got 2 bombs in.

Had to skip turn with Oni for the first one. Got a bit lucky with OoO.
Atra helped as well.

I just completed f500 by stealing his dr cloners with anglomaiden, it was very difficult. I think i’ll stop here, enough is enough…

Can somebody tell me why the hell they deleted the crowns? (The small icon that symbolized that you made it into the top 50 from UC). I wasn’t playing for a few weeks and i’m a little bit fucked up by that. The new icon system is trash.

They could’ve just converted the amount of crowns into icons? This reminds me of GoT final, doing things for nothing


so low .