Help with dungeon challenge

Dang it is so hard after B90th floor. Any ideas? I’ve run Novadrake x nightrider/galliodragon and Leoronix/Balancion, along with just nova drake x delugazar and subs. It’s so impossible lol :rage::rage::rage:

Any ideas? Thanks!

One scarleguard and it’s over I guess. Sorry i am struggling with same problems ^^ good luck tho. You have the right setup. Just need a lucky run i guess

Same here man. At level 90 its all about RNG.

Do any of u guys have mojinator?He makes it so much easier,it’s like a cheese with him.

I didn’t bother after getting the second legend pot on level 80 something. Not worth the time and stress.

Infernicon should be banned from DC. If he appears on high level it’s game over.

Canishogun is also ridiculous to meet. Any fire monsters on your team and it’s probably bye bye 2 of your monsters. He counters Shivadragon so harshly, which is horrible because Shiva is so important in DC.