UC tickets?

So first of all why did they change it?
Second, is it better, in my opinion yes and no, know it takes half the time as befor to find a match, but you can just do 5 in a row so its literaly 1 less (for me).
so while you sleep you loose many attemps ( like 13 or so, pretending you sleep +7 hours).
So for people with high ranks in a way its worse, but for low rank its good.
I personaly prefer this way cause you wait less per game.

I don’t think loosing many attempts would matter when you have hit the wall in UC.


it’s a lot better because now its not about who plays the most but who has the most foolproof strat. Kimiyo was always dumping gems like mad refilling tickets at will to climb to the first spot and got beaten by Mophiese every single time who counter-refilled. Now it’s a matter of playing but not limitless so if you lose you may fall behind quite quickly.

Ooo yea, im free to play so i literaly forgot you could refil tickets.
Also is it just me or this UC is much harder than before??

It is harder. 100 is the new 180.

I preferred the old ticket system. They just needed to get rid of the refill.

Everyone having the same amount of tickets isn’t necessary since a hero rank 100 player would progress more than a hero rank 1 player.