(Poll) Change UC back to normal?

Starting a poll, just so we’re all clear on this.

Wow for the 2 people who liked this UC. :joy:

Put the 2 new gatekeepers at 700,800 or 800, 1000

I want to know why people are actually voting for this UC, like honestly I cant think of a single reason to like the spread between GK…

Edited, just in case it’s only the new cap people like.

Nah chg it back dev

I’ve voted no because I think they would decrease the tickets back to 5 and I’ve always missed many tickets due to sleep. With 10 tickets it’s not the case anymore. I don’t like the grinding but it would not be “ultimate” if we would have 10 tickets and GKs from 200 to 1000.
I would like to have some changes in general where it’s more about strategy and not about who has the right monsters to climb.

well, the old UC is still fairly challenging, but right now it’s just way too hard. Not the good kind of hard where players are required to think around obstacles and can get by with their wits and strategy, but the kind of hard that requires you to stay on top of it 24/7, and even then you have a very slim chance of finishing if you don’t have a perfect strat, so you have to get by with sheer luck of ending up against ideal teams, and of course by being lucky enough to have the right monsters, which you said you don’t like.

UC before was still a grind but a fun grind. This is just shit

Really, I think the main problem is that all the gatekeepers are too far away and so the only people who can reach those gems now are the people with sleep teams. If you moved them closer together then it would solve the problem.

puffoxin’s reckless attack kills my legendary in one-hit move… :lol:

i know UC is very-buffed event… but hey, it makes no sense… my legendary’s attack is barely makes 1000 dmg but enemy’s epic mons makes 14.000 dmg… B)

that’s uc for you :frowning:

I guess the gap of GK should be 100 lvl not 200 should change the gap to 100 rest is fyn

i’m stuck on lvl. 270 and dont know what kind of mons and strategies to get through this… :lol:

I like the new uc just the gap is huge but I like the grind

I don’t know why, but I did much better in this UC.
Past UC: 80
This UC; 340

The buffs only scaled half as fast in this UC. 340 in this one is the equivalent of 170 in the previous ones. Still quite an improvement  :wink:

The thing is… The buffs come in much later but I still do think that the GK’s should be back in their rightful place…

Last UC my cousin got to GK 6 lvl 600
Now I’m on GK 3 lvl 800???

yea, “your cousin” :v