are you guys happy about current ticket system?

If yes then… is it possible to learn this power?
If no then why do I hardly see anyone raising this issue?
Honestly was going to quit this game for good this morning. Cus ticket recahrge time is crap ,making it harder to progress. and after so much grinding you get so little gem. And beacuse your gem pool is so small ,u are prone to hit extreme possibility of being on either side of luck(usually at the bad end).
Is their any chance that my ranting may really reach devs ears or am I just wasting my time.

I think @DMG_Axel brought this up just a few days ago… I agree perhaps the hourly rate should be a bit faster considering most of the events nowadays are very ticket consuming.

The gem return however is honestly pretty generous. It isn’t hard at all to accumulate packs nowadays. Newcomers get 2, even 3 packs really fast and after that they should have a few powerful monsters that will help them finish story content and get even more gems.

I think there should be guaranteed legends in some eggs though. Perhaps one normal hatch with a possibility for another go with 20 paid gems.


K. Just saw his post
Glad to hear It wasn’t just me. Do devs often listen about people’s complaints?

Yes. The complaints and memes about Cani’s overpower, by example.

They should make online event with different ticket to consume than the normal one we use for farms ingredients.

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@Krur I see your forum account was made just 5 days ago. Is it correct to assume you’re a brand new player? At the beginning you need tickets for everything and the refill rate will slow you down. In the later parts of the game you have more than enough tickets to get through events and do whatever else you want to do. A lot of people will always want more but personally I think it’s balanced about right for people to keep on top of without having to spend many hours playing each day.

The fact you need tickets for a lot of content does a good job at extending the length of time you have story content and such to play, rather than letting you rush through everything until you get stuck and get bored very quickly because the game changed from loads of things to do into very little. It would probably push away some players by doing this.

We very rarely saw any older players asking for a faster ticket refill rate… only from people who love PvP and also ask for unlimited PvP tickets and for it to be open 24/7. Now we have Monster Bond Quest which will require years worth of free tickets for older players there are a few older players asking for a faster refill rate.

Tbh I really think it’s just fine how it is. If you’re desperately wanting to play more in your first few weeks that’s great, I’m glad you’re enjoying the game. Be patient though because you’ll make progress and get through things with time.


Wasn’t me

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My forum account is new but I have been playing it for around month.
I have like around 60~70 ticket so around 7 hr so refill. While playing events they consumed in around 15 min.

In my understanding Dev do this so player stick around for longer (I hope I am correct). And I like to belive I am not alone who feel like they are over doing this. Will it cause problem if ticket recharge time Is shortened? Like in my current just 2 trip to pyramid valley or any event and then I have to wait for 7 hrs

Just out of curiosity you are not Dev or associated with zigzag right??

@Exu It was “Axel”. Very similar name!

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Yeah lol my bad

Going outside, hanging with friends, getting a girlfriend, going to work, learning things, aaaall these are facets of life you can do to waste time until your tickets refill.


It would take the time of over than 150 refills :pensive:


PLEASE a ticket regeneration reduction, or maybe items that can instantly regenerate tickets.

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Can’t go outside, have few friends, no partner, am a minor so can’t work, already learning things on online classes and it absolutely sucks, and my tickets still haven’t regenerated.


Dont know what to tell you then. Go to the gym. Arcade. Run. Play pool. Swim in the pool. Walk your dog. Walk someone else’s dog. Walk behind someone walking their dog.

The possibilities are endless.

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Items that instantly regenerate tickets. These are called Gems.

I’d rather have a gem which can be used to refill tickets or also be used elsewhere if we’d prefer. Why is using a gem to refill tickets a problem but using a consumable would be fine? If you’re spending money on the game then refilling tickets is incredibly cheap. If you’re not spending then progress is slower unless you want to substitute hatching with content progress.

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