Best suggestion ever

Let the game consume tickets only for fights we have successfully cleared !
Failed tries must not use up tickets !

Thats a decent suggestion I think the ticket system is only applicable when it comes to Events and ingredients. All the story stuff shouldn’t need tickets

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My friend it will never happen.
The fact is not using tickets, but betting tickets.
Is like saying “in a regular game I should not lose a life everytime I die”
Is against every common sense game system :rofl:


I’m sorry to say but it does happen in other gacha. The idea dint come out of air though !

Mh… In my personal gaming experience never saw that bro, but I don’t argue about that

I know some games dont consume “tickets” if you quit during the game ( e.g. disconnect) never heard of games not consuming tickets because you lost.

I can name a few but then I’ll get moderated obviously


Easiest way out of the uncomfortable situation actually having to name some games and not just claiming that there for sure are a few out there :joy: :wink:

I thought this was a neo monster forum

Yeah, that’s why promoting and discussing other games is not allowed. Especially if this discussion is completely off topic and derails the original purpose of the thread made by another user :slight_smile:

You just contradicted your previous reply. :smile::new_moon_with_face:
Anyway just messing up, it seems like PvP is still in progress :ok_hand::ok_hand:

Nope I didn’t :wink: Read again and try to spot the difference :slight_smile:

Tbh, you can fully refill your tickets for only 1 gem. All events can easily be completed with the free tickets over the course of the duration so they allow for quite a lot of losses already. If you really need extra tickets then that 1 gem to refill is not a steep cost at all and you’ll get plenty of attempts for that.

Also, you have to consider how it would cause a disparity between events like Whale’s Treasure which use our normal tickets and events like Ultimate Challenge which have their own tickets. If we didn’t lose tickets when we lost in UC that would be silly, so it wouldn’t be changed there and then newer players might be confused/frustrated when they find it’s one rule for one event and one rule for another.