Triv rework idea

K so its settled - after alot of pvps of trying to use triv - he has just bad. Even after the buff.

  1. He is restricted to raw moves - cant be with a protector.
  2. He is weak to stun - need to be with absorders or 3 stun immues teammates or something.
  3. He is restricted to water link teams.
  4. He need to play stealth, which doesnt work with cobra (a common absorder without protect), and doesnt fit to water in general.

I got a rework idea for him, a new thing that will fit water teams:

  1. Change link stealth team (70 tu) to link poison team (70 tu) - make your whole team poisoned instead of stealthed. Will work great with cobra, abys, pola, and will fit the water detox type great.
  2. Change double sneak attack to double detox strike (160 tu).
  3. The stealth entrence can go, you dont even need to give him a new passive.

I really think it will make him useable and also great in water teams, while not op at all.

What do you think?

This sounds cruel. Let him die or that will be a huge catastrophe for anyone who isn’t p2w

Triviathan isn’t the best legendary by any stretch and his limitations are fairly horrible but now with good speed and higher defence he is fairly threatening to the opponent. All things stealth are basically better in PvE than PvP, so I don’t think he’ll ever be a top notch PvP legendary.

I am really not a fan of your idea making it double detox strike with link poison team. Poisoning your team is incredibly strong and very hard for your opponent to counter. I have all the detox monsters and with Atlantyrant on the horizon I think they will be strong enough already.

I gotta say tri isn’t threatening even with that speed. I tried many different lineups and the best ones were around drako, voodoom, gearcroc and mammoth, and guess what, they ruin the raw double bloodcrave condition

If i want to sweep at 160 tu then I’ll rather use bb for it and hide it behind protectors because he can


I get your point, but like unown said - he really doesnt work. Believe me. Tried so many combinations - link or not link, tried with drako/moji, tried with and without protectors,
I even tried putting him for support only, just for the stealth. Still, he doesnt work.

If i want a double sweeping move, i got much better options that are easier to pull off and not so restricting - even in the SE section.

If i want support, i got better options as well, that got less restrictions.

And he cant be a PVE monster. Double raw bloodcrave on pvp takes about half of his HP as backfire, on PVE he will on shot him self soon enough. Sorry, i cant buy it that he ia ment for PVE just because he can stealth. He is designed for pvp, but his design is SUPER restricted that makes him horribly akward to use.

Just because you dont have him doesnt mean he need to stay bad.

Why not just give it bloodcrave or double bloodcrave not raw version

I’ll show you a “raw version” @ILAGaLOT

Im up for a nornal double bloodcrave, will be a huge help for him. Asked it pre buff, devs didnt see to do it. It also make sense to use a stealth monsters near protectors, poor design on the first place.

Btw about my detox suggestion - people didnt consider that his speed is slower then abys/polar/cobra, meaning him alone cant support them fast enough for a quick killing FL. So consider this before saying its op

Just give ot roaring enterance or change SS to Link Deathstroke

How much recoil do you get from raw double bloodcrave? Normally from the double attacks it’s not much at all. I totally get how he doesn’t work in practice (in PvP) because I found the same with Zhulong. Zhulong is pretty good in PvP and definitely better than Triviathan in there but other monsters do better. However, link stealth all for PvE is brilliant and so is sneak attack.

Link poison team wouldn’t be OP in the front line but it would be a very strong counter to things that is hard to deal with. Consider also how he would be a pretty fast monster to have detox burst (double), that might be the strong FL bit of the design.

He takes about half of his hp down, even more. I will upload a picture in a hour or 2. It doesnt even what concerns me as i honestly never get the chance to even use this skill.

There are just so many things that are wrong with this monster that its hard to talk about all of them the same breath.

The sneak attack doesn’t do enough damage for pve, he failed to kill some important monsters which made memtake some hits. and it’s very high tu.

Here i targeted sear and talo. As you can see i got to half of my HP from 1 recoil damage. I didnt start at full half tho (hard to find a point where he is at full life for test + no protecotrs on field).

But take in mind that sear got very low hp, so hitting 2 legends with higher stat, while triv on full HP, will bring to half as well (even lower).
(Plus talo doesnt have full hp as well)

Screenshot_20180826-175221 Screenshot_20180826-175209

Okay thanks very much for the screenshot. That’s surprising! Normally recoil is 1/4 but for double moves becomes 1/16 of the total damage dealt. Assuming the enemies have the same health as you, that’s equivalent to 1/8 of your health lost with each double move used which is half what you lose from a single move. For this raw double bloodcrave it is still 1/4 of the damage dealt. The example above shows about 6000 damage dealt in total and 1500 health lost.

This definitely lowers his use as you’ll only want to use the 100TU double sweeping move if he’s not stealthed. Probably the main gimmick about him is having a 100TU double bloodmove so this is bad.

I honestly don’t think he’s that bad as a monster. He’ll find his place with time, as more strategies arise that he can fit into (not much right now for him). However, I do think this recoil damage should be reduced to at least 1/8 of the total damage dealth… probably 1/16 to match the others of this type.

Just give him a buff be already. Compared to Gyo and Tago he is trash. Keeping Triv as the way he is is like a slap to the face for whoever got him. I have him and when i rolled the egg i am pretty sure i didnt ask for triv. So instead of giving him a buff and making him equal to the other two what do you do? Also @Killerdog if triv ever does become useful, it will require some more monsters which will require me to roll just to get mu piece of ■■■■ to have some use.

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Just a normal double bloodcrave instead of raw will make him worth something and ditch most of his restriction problems. @Dev_VKC

Give Triv the same moveset and stats as Magma. That would fix him up real nice


Thank you for the feedback guys.
We will reconsider buffing this guy.

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@Dev_VKC please don’t consider my idea, I was totally joking :point_up_2: