Dont you guys think this game would be a lot funner if we were able to trade out arkadions with other players?

People probably would want Destructors in exchange for breezelings or shadowstalkers for breezelings or stegospikes for breezelingsor practically any kind of eggsclusive arks and OM arks for breezelings so probably not.

Well i dont get why not because the person would actually have to be willing to give away there destructor for a breezling so if someone wants to do that thats there problem so i dont get why not

Exactly, players would have the option to refuse an offer or accept it

One word : NO

My point of the post is that people are likely to ask for super high ranking arks for weak low starred and I really doubt people are gonna want to get in on those kinds of deals so they wont make the trade. So then we end up with a trading system loaded with greedy people asking for high starred monsters in exchange for breezelings while the sensible people would end up not using the system because of this and the devs would have just wasted time implementing a trading system. Sure maybe the people on this forum probably wont do anything like this but for the rest of the people who play this game and dont even realize this forum exists, its almost guaranteed to happen unless the devs put some kind of restrictions on the trade… And even then.

Hey pokemon gts is famous and you should see what people ask for there they give a super common pokemon (like rattata) and ask for legendaries that you only get one of per 35-40$ game so yeah its crazy but its still famous and there are a few good people and who says you have to agree to the first deal you see if its a awful trade

Then make it so you can only trade monsters with the same amount of stars 

Why? Then everyone would get everything too easy

Not necesarily to easy as he said they need to be equal amount of stars so that would be fair

Even if they do have the same amount of stars, the power levels between them are wildly different and make it impossible to balance without someone getting screwed over

Trading will never, EVER happen in the format you are thinking and should never happen

^ I dont hope so 

It will maybe happen when they give all arkadions different stats but even then im still doubting if its a good idea

I was hoping for trading when I first started playing this game… I guess the idea is still cool but it wouldn’t be great for the game itself…

Trading is nice in thought, but in practice, you get folks greating accounts to trade what they can get over to their main account, and then just deleting and doing the same process over and over agian/

Alot of games allow trading. Yes people do ask ridiculous things but it does add alot of fum to the game and countless hours buying and trading. As i have personally done on reign of dragons lol