Will trading ever be a thing?

Not in the way you think it will

The power level of some of the Arkadions just makes it impossible to trade without causing some kind of fluctuation

I agree with Deadpool because then everyone would have everything in an instant

As much as I would like to have trading the only arks that would be worth trading for would be the ones that would have to be made unable to trade

It’d be cool with we could trade Arks as long as they are the same star level. I would like to say within half of a star level but then someone can trade a 1 star for a 1.5 and 1.5 for 2 and climb up that way. Or maybe OM monsters for OM monsters and Egg exclusives for Egg exclusives.

here is the best solution for trading

Otherwise, I really hope trading never, ever comes to this game.

Trading is not coming to the game. 

That statement makes me REALLY happy

Sorry guys, but there just isn’t a good, manageable way to handle trading

Trading would not even work with this game. The game is mostly a single player game with a small portion of it that is pvp and online missions. Therefore there are not anymore multiplayer sides to it that are in the plans to be added to it as far as i know. However i do know that Cosmic island from what i heard will have more a multiplayer planned gameplay if all goes well.

I dont like the idea of trading

trading would be cool. but only with local friends i guess

Noooo! Just no lol, not with the arks They released !

Then everyone gets everything way too fast

That is both why trading should be included and why it definitely won’t be if anyone can see what I’m getting at

I wouldn’t want to see trading. I played the game, spellstorm, whiched added trading. The trading was bugged and also hacked. The balance of the game was destroyed. Trading was discontinued but the game never recovered to what is was.

First of all, no one can say trading is never coming to the game. We can’t be absolutely sure of the future. Ryan has mentioned the idea of adding a bunch of restricting rules if trading did happen.

With that being said, it’s quite unlikely that they will add trading in the traditional sense. If they do, it will probably work in a way that won’t allow abuse (such as a type of wonder trading).