Hey so I was wondering…Is trading ever going to be implemented and if so what will the trade model look like? 

Maybe as wonder trading… I can hope, anyway. 

I like this idae, it’d be like a more involved version of eggs lol. Don’t like the idea of it being for gold, but for silver or maybe used once daily would be cool!

And straight up trading with friends would be fine as well!

Wonder trading i sure vouch for ! , 25 gold to send in a card , then the gold will increase , 50 gold to send in a second card and so on , you get the idea right ? But in 24 hours it gos back down to 25 gold … Also just an example , & shouldnt this be moved to suggestion section ?

I’d rather have an actual trading system. That would let me do some contests for all my spare goodies and it would be fun.

Too flawed and won’t happen, I’m sure.