Trading system

Perhaps a trading system has been brought up on this forum, but I haven’t seen any and would like to investigate this further. What would be the potential harm if we had a trading system that:

  1. Was only open to people who beat the main story of the game - became champion.
  2. Could be used only every 60 days (prevents people creating new accounts over and over - this is largely prevented by requiring that people become champion and this bar can be raised further by devs if they spot abuse)
  3. Only super epics and legends may be traded and a legendary must be traded with another legendary.
  4. One party can put up a legend for sale and state that they will accept only the following legends. If someone else is willing to provide that legend, a message gets sent to both parties who can initiate the trade. There can be a sorting system that allows you to look at what one would have to trade to get a certain monster and what one could trade a certain monster for i.e. all people willing to trade a motor for something and all people willing to accept a motor for a trade.

Would this be too complicated? How would people feel if this was put in place?

I would like to trade my cryo with azra. Anyone intersted?

Nice idea one I also want but what lochi and lucaryzor will say is that people will abuse keep trading legends and most famously how will the Devs eat earn etc you are killing their income no one will hatch they will trade and other crap

I like this idea very much especially legendary for a legendary and once a year sounds reasonable so people don’t abuse and only for rank 100 above and pots are traded as well

I mean it’d be something for duplicates that is for certain. Hell even giving players points for getting duplicates in particular limited duplicates during a festival cough and having monsters or things for purchase via the systems would be great.

The only way I see this working is if they allow us to trade once a year and the reason being is because nobody will buy eggs unless they brand new monsters

We always asked for the trading system but they always told us it’s not possible. I like the idea of trading a legend for a legend. Always supported this system and I hope they do it even if is really hard