Tournament HELP!/Secret :p

Hey everyone, i managed to get to the last person to fight in the arena, but keep losing because of all the metalloidus he has!!! What is the best way to beat that guy and finally get Anubis??? 

I also found a cool little trick that you can use for the arena as well, some of you guys probably already know it, but if i somehow get Anubis ill share it with you all!!! Its not a (all hackers will be banned from PvP in the next update. Sincerely, Admin) or anything of that sort, but it makes it A LOT simpler… So if i can get help with beating the last arena guy, ill share the “secret” lol, Thanks! 

Metallodius deals extremely minimal damage to Barricadus. So use one Arkadian with a strong, low-TU single-target attack, one Arkadian with Haste and a strong, low-TU single-target attack (Angelon is perfect), and Barricadus. Get it so he has two Metallodius at all times, and keep nuking whatever the third thing that comes in is. The Metallodiuses will do no damage at all to Barricadus, who can survive the entire fight.

But won’t the Metallodious arks block all single target attacks?

You shadowlance , vigytiger , or a mindless ark like metal , or any ark with metal slash

Decoy is not 100% effective like guardian is, it is a passive ability that effects likelihood, but its not guaranteed. 

I used

angeleon lvl 99

shadowlance lvl 82

flamogun lvl 48

as my opener.

used haste when I needed and metal slashed away, I’d aoe sweep with angelon until i got 3 metaloids and try and get them within whipe range. Metalslash is key here.

The metal slashing will get you through over half of the guys, just be ready for the real fight on the back end.

Saved a stun combo for the end keeping omega, dreadwolf and minespider as my last 3 guys.

::did this like 45 mintues ago::

Ok thank you guys! i will try it out… just need to lvl up my guys a bit more :stuck_out_tongue: and true to my word, ill make the arena “secret” a topic in a minute… Thanks again!