Last fight in the arena

Hi all,

I am at the last fight in the arena. The tanks are so hard to kill! I have got several 8-9 stars ARK at level 99 but still only cause <200 damage to the tanks!

Any tips on the strategy I should consider?

Many thanks!


are you using elemental weakness?

That might help if not

You could always knockthem to the end of the line and save them for last =D (ive used this strategy in pvp and single player every now and then.)

Use knockback, and if he is metal you can always metalslash him (flamogun, shadowlance) haven’t reached that point yet, but as far as i know, most tank in the game is metal (barricadus, metallodius), or just pack them with attack all

Slow, haste, stun, crush.

Normally, I make a set (3 monsters) dedicated to crushing those annoying, seemingly-immortal arkadions. Does it work all the time? Absolutely not. Is it better than using Yetigo to try and win? Absolutely.

Basically, you’re going to want to speed up your team, like always, and slow your enemy while doing damage. Haste is useful. Stungift as well. Or Flashbomb. Anyways, so once you stun them, use haste and boost your team’s speed. Then you’re going to want to slow the enemy even further. Subzeratops is the only monster that I personally know of that uses Chain Slow. It attacks enemies with the same type, like all chain moves, and slows your enemies by 30%. See where this is headed? Your previously stunned opponents move slow, you move fast. So they can have like…300 or so TUs while you spend 125 per power attack. If their TU or above 500, which requires major stunning, use No Guard and then Stampede. You can also use Goldenhorn, as No Guard and Feud Horn are great against Fire Bosses. I’ve been able to take down First Ones within a minute, while losing only 1 Arkadion…which was a level 18 pearex that I was trying to level up.

So yeah…basically get in as many powerful hits as you can. Not a complicated strategy, but that isn’t always necessary.