Any Suggestions For the Last Battle in the Tournament?

I am on the very last battle in the tournament. I only need to beat this last one to get nubis. I have a bunch of lvl 99 monsters, including an Arkwing, but I still cant do much damage to those metallodiouses. Any suggestions for monsters I should use? I also am working on leveling up Naga and a few Flamoguns for their metal slash. Will this work?

Haven’t gotten that far, but I can see how that would be tough.

You’re going to want to stun, speed, and metal.

I’d say…Rooknight, Vegitiger, and Subzeratops can take care of those guys easily.

If people don’t have those monsters…idk. Raijins, Shadowlances, and …some other monster with chain slow?

Thank you. Are the first three that you suggested all special event monsters or eggs?

I THINK that Rooknight is only gotten through eggs.

Subzeratops is definitely gotten through eggs only.

Vegitiger is a PVP reward, but I don’t think anyone has gotten enough diamonds yet. The legit players who have them won them through eggs.

If you need any tips on how to time eggs, feel free to ask or check the FAQ. It’s very simple…in concept. Lol.


Subzeratops will use chain slow, which damages and slows the enemy. Then comes Rooknight, which can speed itself up and stun+damage over and over. After a few rounds (all monsters have gone once), the enemies will have large TUs before they can attack. Then you should have Subzeratops and Rooknight both use No Guard, and damage heavily. That’ll do a LOT. Vegitiger will be using Metal slash or whatever it’s called over and over and over.

Ok thanks those sound like really good monsters

Barricadus + Angeleon + Omegawyrm

Barricades uses Guardian, Angeleon haste and Omegawyrm no guard and then terminate. Use Angeleon to heal Barricadus when its health gets low and be sure to have another monster with haste after these 3 to replace Angeleon.

Those are really great suggestions. Thank you all. I will try these.