Tips on beating Metallodious

I’ve just beaten Tiamat and I’ve stopped after about 15 levels of the infinite dungeon.

I still have one arena battle left, the final battle and no matter how hard I try (my party is pretty decent, but not overly outstanding), I can’t beat the team that is full of Metallodious.

I was just after some tips (particularly which moves will help) or what kind of Arks I should have in my party when attempting to beat the final arena battle next.


The final arena battle…a lot of people ask about this…I’d make a guide if I remembered the enemy team…hey, mind helping us out? If you could tell me the monsters, I’d love to make a guide for people…because this is an incredibly common question. n.n

Anyways…metal slash! Lol. Shadowlance, Naga, Flamogun, Vegitiger, Bloodclaw, Snowja, etc. These are all monsters with metal slash and are PHENOMENAL with this final battle. Other than that, make sure you get supporting arks for your metal slashers. Halopard is one fantastic example.

Otherwise, make sure you put Vengeance users, like Omegawyrm, at the end of your team…and put Don Penguini at the very end after a halopard and a Raioh or two.

Metal slash takes them easily. Shadowlance and flamogun are pretty decent with them. It also helps to try to protect them with guardian users like stegotops or barricadus.

Raijin, Metallodious, Raijin, Metallodious, Raijin, Metallodious, Plasmorex, Metallodious, Leviathan, Metallodious, Pyroviper, Metallodious, Georex, Metallodious, Raptorex, Metallodious, Thunderback, Metallodious, Glazio, Metallodious, Soltusk, Metallodious and Brakitorus is as far as I got, with 17 more Arks to come.

Also, sorry mods for putting in this wrong forum, feel free to move it.

Alright, thanks. I’ll work on a guide in due time. But yeah, the above advice is all I can offer for now.

To counter Metallodas, use Metal Slash. One metal slasher probably won’t be enough, as there are so many of them.

Also, getting a Barricadus will help too as it will absorb a lot of damage from Metallodas. Don’t underestimate the damage from Metallodas, it deals ~2xx damage each hit and only needs 5-6 hits to take down your Ark.

Or if you would like to try your luck, you can try this, this is what I did:

Level 99 Don, Showdown

You need to cast Haste on Don, I used Raioh. After casting haste, he can cast Stun gift.

You probably need some Flash bombs before that to buy you some time.

Equip the item that can boost Wind Arks’ stats.

This can take down the last 21 Arks before Haste wears off. So your team needs to deal with the first 13 Arks, the more the better. Note that the Arks left for Don must be a multiplier of 3, because Showdown’s damage will go down significantly if there are fewer than 3 Arks.

The key - pray for some Bonus actions.

About half way through the metalodious stop and it’s all starters and dragons if I remember right.

Yep! Metal slash arks are the best

Thanks guys, appreciate the help. Currently training all the Arks I have with ‘metal slash’, to get them to a respectable level, lol.

I’ll let you know how I go in day or two.

No problem! And good luck

My least favourite battle lol. But as everyone said metal slash. Also add some holy cards to refill there hp when low

As others have said metal slash and healers help a lot.

Another strategy would be to use knock back on all the metalodious and then take care of them later (easier to kill the harder arks when you can focus your attacks on them without having a metalodious absorb your attack)

Make sure to have someone with metal slash towards the end of your party. To deal with them.

^that’s what I did lol. I did it on the first try, just knocked back 3 metallodious when I had the chance, it was still a tough battle though, I didn’t have all egg only arks or any dragons either back then. And only a couple level 99 arks. The only thing I remember is that my level 93 Vegitiger helped me out alot.

I tried much more then 1 time haha, but I defeated it after 4 times or so but I had maybe 7 or 8 of 99 and thats not enough haha