last battle for anubis

Hey everyone,
I am battling about four timed the last enemy of class S of the battle arena but i cant defeat it can someone tell me how i can get rit off the metallodious’ s so i can get a better chance at the other arkions of him

Use at least 3 arks with metal slash and a few with beastbane

Okey thanks

No problem :slight_smile:

OMG i finally beat it i used a lvl 80 arkwing it does like 200-300 damage to them in a AoE shot so you can do heavy damage to them and target the “offensive” ark

Congratulations Kitty now the other Guy needs to win the arena

Lol i was just saying to use a arkwing =P

Arkwing does good damage yes but just an Arkwing isnt enough

Ik it was just a suggestion of one thing that would help