TOS and Privacy Policy links in the play store are broken. Where can I find them?

Getting a 404 error. Can somebody please direct me to the games ToS?



Where can I locate your TOS and PP?

Strange, the link is working for me, where is it redirecting you to?

Now the Privacy Policy link is working in the Play store. But the TOS link still isn’t working.

It’s sending me here

Getting a 404 error

Can you provide me a working link to the TOS?

Seems the link is broken as we moved our website, but I spoke to the relevant people to have it restored soon. If you have any specific you would like to know now, I may be able to help?

I always like to see it in official writing. But why not.

I would like to know your stand on:
Sharing accounts (for whatever reason)
Selling accounts (for whatever price)
Giving away an unused account (Even if retiring)
Sideloading the app from outside the play store (Even if it isn’t available in your country)

I would also like to know the punishment for each case.


I think I know the answer to them all but not sure about the punishment. Always good to have it in writing before I reply to people on the forum.

As far as I know all of that kind of stuff is broadly covered so that we can make our own judgement on punishment on a case-by-case basis, so it doesn’t mention “Sell account = ban, share account = temp ban” or anything like that.

But for downloading from a non-official source, as our game is paid, it would be considered copyright infringement.

But I’m not a lawyer, so if you want to know officially, please wait for the link to be restored.

Case by case is fair in regards to punishment.

But I would like to know if it’s against the TOS to do the first 3 things I mentioned.

And donating accounts.

Thanks for your reply on the fourth one.
If you don’t know the answer all good. I will wait.

All I will say is we don’t support any of those things because restore codes can’t be changed, so if someone sells/gives/shares an account and decides they want to restore it back after you spent money on it, our reply will just be:

But it’s not as if we would ban someone if they sometimes let their 5 year old cousin use their account.

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Thanks for your reply.
One last question

What if I sold my account to a dummy for $1million?

You would be a millionaire I guess? Just don’t forget to pay tax.


I guessed this is where you were going with it. You want to quit and you’re wondering if you can cash in on your account. Personally, I’m highly against selling accounts. You’re lucky I can’t go ban your account as soon as you sell it to someone.

Well you guessed completely wrong because that was just a joke and the main reason I wanted to read the ToS was because of the Cuban fiasco, and because I hate people sharing accounts to have somebody earn them rewards.

If I wanted to sell my account I wouldn’t consult the TOS. I would just do it. C’mon give me some credit. As if I would ask such a question if I was talking about myself…

Glad to hear it! Sorry to make assumptions, just piecing things together from your posts in the last 24 hours.

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This one is better

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