Is really dumb to remove someone from the leaderboard for account sharing.

I mean how is that even a option? Let’s say I do have a brother and we used to play together, then we move in different countries so we cannot play any longer together?
“Yes but they use all tickets, is cheating” that’s a loser excuse… Do you have anyone to share with? It’s your problem. Only because there is lucky people that can tag team, this should not be penalised.

I am really upset. Massively.


It’s against the ToS. Easy as that. You play the game you agree to the ToS. You don’t like it, Fine, nobody forces you to play.


You fully accepted this as a rule in the past. What changed? A member of your clan was removed from 3rd place on the leaderboard because he account shared. This thread is flooding with bias!!

I did the first day of ranked PvP and was on track for possibly 2nd place, certainly top 10. However, I came down with a bad illness this week (maybe Covid) and in the evening of that first day I realised I needed to focus on resting so stopped doing any PvP. Life happens and you’ve got to accept top 100 if you’re too busy or unable to play, not pass on your account to someone else to grind into a top spot against someone going through the effort of fitting all the matches in around their normal life.


This also seems stupid to me, I really don’t understand what’s wrong with something like that, I mean I don’t think this is “A trap”, it’s really unfair that they take someone off the table just for this,Every day I am more impressed with the things of life

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But what is wrong with this ??? If he does it, it is for the other person to entertain himself and have fun since he cannot play, do you think Daniel cares about a top 3? Because it seems to me not


Then why does it matter if he’s removed from ranking? If the objective was to let someone else have fun and not for him to place high o don’t see a problem with how they handled it


You are right about this, but it is still unfair

@DonT89 why do you care, I thought you quit neo

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I think it’s the most fair they could have made it work honestly. Nobody can complain that he stole their spot by sharing account, and the player still got to have their fun and see how far they could get

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To be honest with you I’m against account sharing as well. In the “brother case” either have 1 account, 2 accounts or don’t play at all. Simple. It’s way too abusable because it means many people can grind on the account 24/7.

I support the comment of the thread even when sharing the account the number of entries will not change, you are going to start at the beginning it is really difficult to know when someone shares their account and although it is against the terms of most of the games all are made of a blind eye because really if you are a person who has a family member and you want him to play with your monsters more if he is a player who does not have them I see it well, many games like Clash Royale and free Fire have among their conditions not to lend or share the He has this, they make no one claim him if he loses, but in international competitions it has been seen in public how several players in front of the judges of different tournaments change their account either due to a connection problem ect and for this reason they are not told anything Since in the games the one who plays the best wins, not because they lend you an account, you will win more if you have no ability, I do not understand how it is even possible to eliminate someone from the table by this or

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Just to be clear, I have been in favour of account sharing since the beginning, I shared account myself with other two players because I was too busy to play and they were having fun playing my account.

I repeat crying against account sharing is a loser attitude.
There is games way bigger than Neo that do not mind account sharing even Fifa or Tekken which are massive Esport games do not condamn account sharing.

@NMEGaryOak I left but I will always stand for my DMG family.

@Guesswhosback I am not questioning what is saying in ToS, I know sharing is not “allowed” according to them but I still think is dumb.

Imo two people can share the same device 12h per each and is everything regular, do it from different devices and you get removed.

Total BS.

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You are the one who’s crying here! Useful arguments, please!

It doesn’t matter if other games let you share accounts, in Neo Monsters it’s not allowed! And in my opinion it should not be.

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How do you fight the physical device share?

If you don’t have a way to fight physical account share is unfair fighting distance account share.

@Dev_VKC how do you answer that?

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The difference is that they’re able to track the device change when the restore code is entered.

Yes but in term of fairness?
Only who get tracked should be punished?
If I share my device physically I am breaking ToS as much as who plays on two different devices.

Hence that punishing only who get tracked is not fair.
Besides I do believe there is nothing wrong on sharing.

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Yes, you are technically exploiting the system. But physical sharing can’t be tracked so it can’t be punished. It’s the grey zone.

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Yeah except you can share the account with someone on the other side of the planet then

So technically we are all cheaters and exploiters.
How can I know other people don’t physically share?
Ok let’s punish who is trackable :joy:

And is that a problem?

Oh now I get it! You mean that silly thing like passing the account to someone that just slept and is fully awake and can concentrate more…
Yeah I see… So passing the account between timezones is a problem…
That can be solved easily without so much drama.
It takes only for devs to push the maximum tickets number to 24 and you remove any timezone problem.

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