Tips for mid-game lineup and fusions suggestions

Hello guys, I need some advice to polish my monsters lineup. Actually I’m at Yelan and my lineup is the following:

Nilomoth 40 C

Voltiger 61 A

Halopard 62 A

Skywolf 64 S

Raptorex 64 B

Duskroc 64 B (strong attack but weak defence)

Puffoxin 64 C

Hammertooth 64 A (strong attack but weak defence)

Archeonis 64 A

Leviathan 65 B

Gryphon 65 S

Glazio 65 A (my starter)

Vulcaraptor 65 B

Stegotops 65 C

Fireheart 66 A

Searex 64 B

Raijin 64 C

Cherubion 65 B (will be fused obviously)

Nilox 67 C

Pyroviper 66 C

Don Penguini 68 S

Georex 80 S (the one I feed with useless eggs)

Stormfox 79 C (mostly for farming/capture purpose, but also for stuns)

The first question is: which one do you think I have to replace sooner with some high power fusion arks (check below what I’m going to fuse soon).

I’ve already farmed a lot for the following:

All the 4 hatchlings, i found 1 B hatchling, 2 C hatchlings, and the last was a D. Unfortunatly I discovered I have the worst combination and I have to fuse B+D and C+C, which will result in a C Omega. Therefore I’ve farmed more to improve the D one and I’ve found another D followed by a C which is what I needed to obtain a B Omega, and I think that’s enough for me.

I’ve also farmed the following:

Levi 1xB

Cherubions/Cherub 1xB (the one in the lineup), 1xC

Frostjack 1xA, 1xB

Skullwraith 1xS, 1xA

also 2xS and 1xA Plasmodious (waiting for some decent Skullrexs)

Whith those monsters I could end with:

1xB Angelon (Levi B + Cherubion C)

1xA Luxknight (Cherubion B + Frostjack A)

1xA Shadowlance (Skullwraith S + Frostjack B)

I can also mix the Frostjack in a different way to obtain:

1xB Angelon

1xB Luxknight

1xS Shadowlance

However, I can’t improve the Angelon in any way, I need to find at least an A Levi or Cherub (the Levi seems to have a better spawn rate and can be farmed without wasting Gold because does’nt suicide, but I’m not sure I want to farm more except than the 3 starter I’m missing). What do you suggest to do with these fusions with the monsters I have or even with more farming?

Final note: I’ve titled “mid game” but for sure I’ll play (not hardcore) PvP, therefore consider this point in your suggestions!

Thanks in advance

Basically anything below 7* or 8* are not final game arks (except Halopard). Puffoxin is great in pvp but crap in normal play.

B Angelon is good enough. After the update (which we have no idea when), grade isn’t as important as it’s now.

OM units are normally much better than the ones you can find wild…

At your level however you probably can’t beat the OM yet….

I would go with angelon personally as it is very usefull thought the game. If you can I would suggest you try and make more than one of them as they are not only good for haste and offering, but also decent damage dealers. I would also suggest getting Kentucky and the other common stun skin one that is sitting on a cloud if your able to. I would also get a few more stormfoxes as they can make some difficult boss fights much easier, and they are good to use vs arks that sucide when farming. Like cherub, speed boosting item, fast ark, stormfoxes when a cherub shows up kill off others, and then detonate your stormfoxes and have some nice weak ark after wards like a pufftoxin that is low level it low level death type to do minimal damage to the cherub and weaken it so you can capture it with silver and not gold easily. For the most part I would say push ahead, if you run into trouble level up some arks and try again if you do a brute force method. If you use strategy and arks with cheap moves you don’t need to level up as much, but more levels always helps. Not sure how helpful this post will be, but that’s my two cents on the subject. Also once your get a metalo your farming will go much much quicker so you may want to hold off til your able to get one before your farm to much for an S team.

In the last days i was lucky enough to get the starter to fuse my Glazio, a B Skullrex for a good A Plasmorex and an S rank Levi, therefore, with the 3 fusions before i can now do:

1xA Angeoln (S Levi + C Cherubion)

1xA Luxknight (A Frostjack + B Cherubion)

1xA Shadowlance (S Skullwraith + B Frostjack)


1xA Angeoln (S Levi + C Cherubion)

1xB Luxknight (b Frostjack + B Cherubion)

1xS Shadowlance (S Skullwraith + A Frostjack)

I’d do all A. Lux is better than shadowlance