Looking for help (pvp)


Im been trying to improve my team and i cant seem to come any further…

My team is made out of pretty Common arks because i hAvent had any luck in the gold eggs.
So my current lineup is.

Shadowstalker S (im trying to get the best out of shadowstalker With my arks)
Gremknight B (haste or knockback or if a Water ark i use timestrike)
Stegospike C (in case of a good monster in front so i Can controle it With stun)
Machendino A (Fusion robot. Only using because of it tankiness and then it Can scramble)
Orcow S (using sleep gas)
Anubis S (using purity and then Guardian and wait so i Can sacrifice it so my shadowstalker wont die)
Puffoxin B ( take one random ark Down and a good time to use my sleep With shadowstalker)
Nilomoth B (mostly trying to kill a angelon or arkwing if not im using heal if my anubis didnt sacrifice)
Barry B (first of all for tanking but my opponent Can easily have a holy so im using it so it wont matter if i hit it With my Dream Spell)
Luxnight A (its there to take Down any darkness and hide behind a tank… Might not be smart)
Arkwing S (mostly tanking Down a dreadwolf or something like that because i have used scramble)
Omega S (using vengeance to take Down single arks and if in really lucky it has Barry)
Don pen S (just for saling hello and maybey take one hit before retreat so its only there for take 1 hit)
Angelon A (mostly to make a fast sacrifice but if the arkwing and omega allready are dead its Down to Don
Raiho A (to make the other team stun or sacrifice to stungift so that i Can have Don pen alone…)

So ill tried to explain Why they are as they are… There a times it dosnt work and my orcow dont come out in the right place but then use Guardian or heal to shadowstalker… Hmm there are other ways to but the point of this team is if your unlucky like me and dont get many rares this might work for you… And if you have like destructor or aborter good monster you Can just put it in where it fits.

Im looking for a good advice to how i get further than this i know i Can go out a find some more S arks and put in but im starting to lose my head in this game(meaning that im getting borred when i cant find any rare)

So please try to help me figure out what to do next … Shall i just keep farming and get Them all to S or is there a Much simpler Way to this i have ofcoures some other arks Like frillzeon and minoblast , tremoerback and some other…

Thanks for Reading hope you Can help and im happy to explain further if needs…


Search for tiberius strategies, he has awesome strategies with available arks

I have… But still in does strategies he use many other arks… I Can only find 1 other where there isnt any rare arks and that wont help me one bit … So if someone could take there time and take a look i would be greatfull, i want this to work out, better than it allready does but im not that expericended than other people"

U can ask him if he can replace some arks with arks u do have

Yep. I also have a help thread too. I can make you a strategy from scratch or just alter some of the ones that I have already made.

They also won’t all be centered around Shadowstalker. Lol. There will be countless strategies to come. Head on over and I’ll help you out. I’m busy atm…gotta make a gearwolf strategy or two for when it comes out.

U see? He is as helpfull as always


Iknew u would do that!

I hope there is a gearwolf strategy as strong as the shadowstalker (missed out on that big cat, too strong) :wacko:

*cough*Gearawolf sucks*cough*

What? I didn’t say anything!

But in all honestly, he’s a fragile fella. Shadowstalker and Triphoon are FAR superior to Gearhound and Hydrablazer, regardless of the amount of stars. Well, to me at least. That’s just my opinion.

Well yeah gearwolf is just looking cool Thats it