Timestike double ! Zues and Raizen


Go to sleep. U talking crazy


Potent sleep meta? I honestly don’t know if you’re being serious.

Raizen doesn’t need a buff. However a stun resistant passive wouldn’t hurt. Stun converter allows it to keep its chrono weakness. To be fair that would mean that it would end up being put 100% to sleep by malwing :joy:. It doesn’t really bother me either way…


No no. I don’t think so


His purify wakes up all the enemies too and then you’ll only put a single monster to sleep before they’re getting turns. How is this a good strategy?

I used Meta 1.5 years ago in every team I had because I had a small collection of legendaries. It was very clear when I got more legendaries that Meta had one of the weakest movesets. I had two shockers and Shadowhunter at the time so yes I was using him very effectively and even then he wasn’t performing.

Last PvP I was using Meta in a link holy team and was able to do some good things with him. He won some games for me and got the opponent locked down with sleep at a few points. However, the only way he’s able to do this is if you use a TT (Midasdragon in my case) so he can get enough turns to use the sleep grenade. Doing this can let you take control of the match nicely, but he does run out of grenades then or shortly afterwards which makes him a bit annoying. There are a large number of other monsters which could do this far better than him like Goldtail, Flutter Clover, Wraithcaptain, a standard sleeper even and then any other strategy that takes control from a TT. Meta is outclassed by Sweetfeather and so many other monsters/combos do way better at what he can do even when he’s put into a team properly.

I agree he’s more of a PvE monster but even there he’s outclassed in just the same ways. What he can bring to the team can be done better by other monsters or other strategies. I was a downer on his SS when it got added but I did actually like it a lot when I played with him. Being able to remove poison from enemies then sleep the most annoying one instantly is very handy.

P.S. This was the team I used him in…

I had 3 rockoids for use and would often sendback Celestrion and use it as a grenade too. Pull back (if I got the chance) was either used on Celestrion or Metatherion depending on the situation.


I agree with a lot of the earlier stuff but Pull Back is an awesome move, he shouldn’t lose that!

Also, those buff ideas are going way too overboard. His sleep grenade is crazily strong… the 100% chance has huge potential. The only problem with him is he’s too slow to get going. I can’t remember what I suggested in the past but he’s a weird case where he has some overpowered moves so he’s got huge limiters on his moveset. Unfortunately those limiters restrict him too much that in practice he’s worse than alternatives.


Only using meta for sleep… Why not use owl to help that? I feel like meta should be in the middle of a sleep setup. not just “randomly” alone like that. I know it’s a link setup but still.


Haha maybe I shouldn’t have shared a screenshot of my team! This was one variant of my link holy team. I’ve actually used Meta in about 6 different teams… 3 variants of link holy and 3 other ones where he was combined with OoO or other sleep monsters. He’s very lacklustre next to other sleep monsters. You need to be in control of the match when he enters for him to have a chance to get going or you HAVE to have a TT with him that successfully goes off. That was my take on it after lots of playing around.

In this particular team he was being used as support for the rest of the team. It’s probably not very clear but it was by far the best position I had for him from all the teams I created. I would’ve used Malwing in place of Celestrion but at this time Malwing was banned from PvP.