Good monster devs:


The new first one. Go look.

I’m glad that it doesn’t have a Bloodfury or Phoenix revenge .

what are his stats?

Man that move set is ridiculously good.

Not a fan. First of all, if I had Leo I’d destroy him. Second a stun absorber. Third his moves would only be good as a secondary or setup

Protected Leogeist can be his counter. However, if protection is removed by other monsters, the chrono killer can kill him in one shot. Stun absorbers are also difficult to prevent him. Double timestrike is expected to have the same effect as assasinate due to the stunned absorber’s time.

Not that good for a first one,(well bovolcus too) but his secret skill is quite good combine with timestrike double

How good he is very much depends on how fast he is. The reason being that stun > timestrike double could take out 2 monsters very quickly and stun absorber doesn’t stop it.
Overall looks pretty solid though

His speed is 66 :slight_smile:

He’s going to be a terror in the front line then. Maybe not chronox level but certainly powerful. Depends how much timestrike does to the second monster though.

The god of thunder is not stun immune XD that’s fine with me

Zibzen FLs incoming -.-

Yea, good point :/ 

You should be worried about Deo Leo ( + shadow + TT?)

Leo should be forbidden ^^

Nerf zib

rip mecha

Maybe combine him with galvbane/Gallio in front for instant 2 kills .

But Regardless of how it may be used, It + tinkerclaus (motor’s Christmas enthusiastic brother ) might bring back the good old stun days, in PvP :smiley: