So is it just me or is roar kinda underpowered? 50s for 100s stun is not worth it unless an absorber is on field. I’d rather it be instant or at least less than 50s. I wouldn’t even care if it was 1 more cost (although it would mess up my team) but let’s be honest it almost useless.

Can we fix this @Dev_BRD @Dev_VKC


Tbh i agree, if it ment to set him up for timeatrike double or something - it just dont. Instant would make it worth.

BTW it was the first and only SS i locked after unlocking. Really not worth the extra cost (only on papers it does)


That and inspire. But it can be ok but rarely


Roar is a situational move for use in combination with other monsters on your team (stun immune, converter or counter monsters). It doesn’t set up timestrike double but if their team is not protected from stun it gives you a lovely extra window for attacking with your monsters and you should have raw bloodfury charged already from his lightning entrance + timestrike double.

I love the Roar SS, makes perfect sense on the monster and it’s great to have a monster that doesn’t even need its powerful SS to work properly. The only issue I find with Roar is the 100s restriction because Zeus can often die before then but that’s totally to be expected!


Umm, i always use roar, it helps me a lot.
Point of roar is it stuns your own allies as well, so to not make it over the top thing,
100secs stun was introduced.
I love it tbh, coz althit at times Zeus timestrike double can’t kill Someone unless they are at or above 150secs. But it is a good ss.

How do you propose a new change ??


I just want it to be faster. Not everyone has all the stun converters.


I dont use it among stun counters or convertors !!


Yeah I can imagine it feels bad if you don’t. It’s like a weaker stun blitz that can be stronger if you have the right monsters. I don’t know what monsters you have but if you put stun immune monsters around Zeuswyrm or Bitterbeast then you should be able to use it without any negative.

One thing I’d like to point out is how Zeuswyrm has 4 skills. Most legendaries have 3 + hit all. So even if you’re not using the secret skill Zeus does has more available to it than most legendaries.


Well that’s including stun bomb curse. Which is almost useless. That’s the worst thing about hI’m actually. Anything but that would make me happy


When writing that I knew you’d mention stun bomb curse. I should’ve just added something extra about it!

It’s not a popular move but I’ve found it to be very effective, even in PvP. It combos in PvE with OoO line-ups. However, where it can be very useful is for targeting an enemy monster that’s either been disabled (sleep/stun) or is useless on the field. Stun bomb curse is a fast move that is a good way to pass a little time and line up your monsters to then kill the new monsters as they enter. The useless monster sits on the field and if they don’t kill Zeus (can be more likely than you think if you have your team built with lots of threats) then later they get hit by a 150s stun.

I’ve won quite a few games with it, even against top players who are typically able to kill my monsters off sooner.