Time to fix Malware Wing


@Dev_BRD @Dev_VKC can you please fix Malware Wing so that he doesnt sleep my stun converter or stun immune every daggum time?



And On top of that. My POISONED MONSTERS get put to sleep as well


Ya that happens. But thats been a game mechanic error for a while.

Like how valza can enter against an AP but it still takes 2 registered poison ticks to break the shield.

I’m not sure why but they’ve never been able to fix:

  1. Double poison ticks required to break shields
  2. Malware wing sleeping the stun immune/stun converter every time
  3. Roaring entrance going second to an on field monster with 1s time left
  4. Team turn getting interrupted by a monster with 1s time left after the TT uses TT.

@Dev_BRD @Dev_VKC tagging you again about why these 4 issues continue to affect play.


Don’t we have a bug slayer around?


Who is malware wing?

Going to your point on valza. Shield is playing up big time on valza (maybe other shield entrance monsters but I noticed it on valza) he entered right before my turn and I used ultradusk which said miss on valza because of shield. My next turn I hit valza with bloodfury and got miss again. Both of my turns was in a row so he wasn’t stealthed and he didn’t get a turn to shield himself

Time bar is weird to. You can skip then enemy skips and it’ll say they are 2 seconds behind when there only 1


Malware wing is Malwing.

But since he broke the game and had to be banned from PvP multiple times and now appears to be broken again i still dub him Malware.


Multiple attacks within a short time period are considered as a single attack to stealthed/shielded monsters. They’ve never fixed this.


Happened to me twice in one match. Poison tick showed 0 damage, which should have removed shield, but the next attack did not damage due to shield still being active. This can really turn the tide of a match, which is super frustrating.

One monster was Valza, the other was protected with Instant Shield skill.


Make sure you read the descriptions of eggs very carefully new trainers! :wink:


Spends 300 gems for malwing.

Misread, got ankoudragon.


spends three hundred gems for malwing. doesnt listen to community. gets mal ware instead


Well this PvP gives a more accurate indication of where I stand. I’m struggling to get past the 40000 RP tier. I’m hoping to be ranked within the top 1000 when rankings start. I’ll see what happens. It’s good to see players really focusing for every battle.


You still a cool player in my eyes keep at it :+1: