Tiger King Idea

@Dev_VKC I think that you should expand the beast category into a few more animals, IE dogs, bears, apes, and most importantly cats.

Cat Zone should be re-worked into a passive that buffs all cats when kattmander is on the field.

Underdog should be a passive that buffs all dogs when canishogun is on the field.

“Ape-$hit” could be the ape version that the gorilla mythic had

“Right to Bear Arms” could be the bear version that a bear legend/mythic has.

That would be rad.


And Bat-Šhit-Crazy gives all bats 5000% stats

Or “Unbearable”


I think it would be too narrow compared to the other categories personally.

What do we have, like 2 cats and 4 dogs? Say we even double or triple that number, then compare it to Demons. It’s just too narrow.

We could have monster specific skills though, or sub-categories similar to Magic: The Gathering. That could have a lot of potential.

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Or, you know,

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Look again my boy