Epic Cat/dog recipe?

Fusion between Coldheart, Fireheart, Voltiger, Vegitiger, etc.

That would be awesome.


kind of like an omega dog, i like it.

And maybe add Skywolf and Angelion

That’s all the types. Vegitiger, Voltiger, Coldheart, Fireheart, Angelion, and Skywolf combined to make a nice 11-12 star Neutral dog.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who thought of this when I read the title.


I thought of that too! I was like “wait what?”

So, nothing new about the actual idea, eh? Fantastic.

impatient much

Hmm? No, do not misunderstand. I am not complaining about the lack of my idea being implemented. I am merely stating that the comments, with the exception of the first one, are utterly useless. I do not mean to offend, but it remains true that all you were doing was pointing out the flaws in my title, rather than giving input regarding the actual idea itself.

Well for someone who doesn’t mean to offend, the way you worded this response really leans towards the opposite.

Regardless, the fact of the matter is that my post was ment to entertain. If you honestly think that was ment to highlight the ,‘flaws of your title’, then you must get offended really easily, or simply can’t take a joke. Jokes on the internet are serious business.

Alright, now. Let’s get settled. If you want to blame it on someone, blame on me. Seriously, do it - just send me a PM with all your rants and frustrations. You won’t get banned. (Unless you break the rules, I mean.)

On topic: I didn’t comment before because I didn’t have much to say. To put it simply, I didn’t hate the idea and I didn’t love the idea. I’d be perfectly OK if it were implemented and perfectly OK if it wasn’t.

It sounds cool, though - I think more fusions will be very nice. However, a coldheart - fireheart fusion just wouldn’t make sense. Cold fire? Well, uh, it sounds really awesome, ya know? But it doesn’t make sense. I hope you understand,

Fireheart and voltiger though… I see a future for this. Firestorms! Fire tornadoes! Pretty awesome stuff, eh? Plus it happens in real life, so… ;>

Coldheart and voltiger too - it can signify snow storms. Though we already have Blizzard.

Enough about the cat/cat fusions, moving on to cat/dog as the title implies (wanted to add this in case I misunderstood):

Dog. Hm. Smokepups? Remus? Those are some canines.

Vegitiger + Remus - pretty nice, but hey. Vegitiger is a pvp reward. People will go crazy if a PvP reward was part of a fusion. I think it’s better to leave PvP out of this.

Okay, what about Fireheart + Remus? That’s fire + earth… sort of like pyrowyrm and gaiawyrm make magmawyrm, but fireheart and remus makes a jackal-like thing or maybe a fox that’s based off of magma.


I think those are great infact i might whip out my old sketchpad and start posting them based off of what you said

Oooh, you should definitely post them once you’re done!

Honestly, I was thinking of a fusion that combines Vegitiger, voltiger, astroleon, sky wolf, fire heart, and cold heart all into one. It will naturally be elementless, as the fusion materials represent all of the other types. I was thinking of an Alphadog or something. Any design, you can do a rainbow wolf or whatever. Lol.

But…now that you mention it…your ideas are even better. Lol. It would take a while tho.

As for fire and coldy…idk, steam? I’d like to see a Snowja+Flamogun fusion too, but it wouldn’t make sense.

Steam will be good… but… I don’t know how that will work.



I forgot about shadowstalker LOL

…oh yeah. xD

All of the first arks that were named were all feline arks except for skywolf. But with a fusion from the cats make a ark named “Astroheart” or something like that. Idk just a thought!!!

I loved that cartoon xD