Ticket Shop Monsters

So I have about 26 6-Star tickets and was wondering which monster between Floccy and Icefang would be better to buy… Or should I just save them?
Also, are any of the moths worth getting?

Have u ever bought a mon in the shop?

I personally like shinies so I would suggest buying Shiny Galliodragon or Tridrakhan since they are good in link teams
Hanzowolf is also a great choice

Tf no

Get A.S. Poseidon, and then it depends on ur team. Tridrake is really good for poison teams but its not a “shop only” mon. Get Poseidon 100%. He is Op

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Why?? I agree that Shiny Galliodragon can be definitely considered niche, but Shiny Tridrakhan and Hanzowolf are both be great additions to their team. ​
S!Tridrakhan is even useful outside of LINK because it’s got the fastest Double Catapult in the game. Hanzowolf which is a great PvE asset

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Hanzowolf is only for bigger collections that enable players to build around it. It’s not just a slap and play type of monster.

I think he wants to buy PvP mons not PvE

Shiny tri costs 12 tickets bro thats a lot. U can get better mons

In PvP for sure, in PvE it’s a wonderful Petrify cloning protector you can hide your Aurodragon/Atrahasis behind without really no need for any major setup

I’d say it’s worth it but you’re right it shouldn’t be a priority, since there may be better monsters to choose if you don’t have a certain type of collection.

Poseidon is for sure a more versatile choice but I don’t feel like recommending it to anyone, seeing what the Devs did last time shop monsters were too strong in PvP… I’d say Dusicyon is the safest option.

Either that, or wait for Shiny Aurodragon to get released :eyes:

Yea i forgot about her

Oh yeah, Atra was my first purchase a year ago or so…
Dusicy and Poseidon just never interested me much since I’m not big on an A.S team… and well, as great as Dusicy is, I dont’t think I’ll need it in my team… haven’t so far
Icefang seems pretty cool so thats why i was leaning towards him

buy poseidon then buy ac misty after that you can go top 10 effortlessly

As Myst will be featured again after 8-10 months, relief .

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Which monster should i get next? Posiedon, Hanzowolf or shiny galliodragon? I already got dusi atra and tridrakhan.

aviaronix, dualdragon, bulbieboom.
or the mighty diamondoid.

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Im thinking of getting bulbie and also a legendary. Is getting super epic a good choice?