Ticket Recommendations

Any recognitions on how to use six star tickets? I’ve got nine now and I’m not sure if I should save for something new or if there’s any monsters in the shop that are recommended

If it’s your first purchase, you’ll pay half the original price (six tickets). Go for Atrahasis or Dusicyon. Dusicyon is a great counter for poison and sleep (Purify) and it’s a stun protection with no killer weaknesses (such as protector/chrono killer), and it grants shields to the allies.
Atrahasis is a beast in PvE, due to his unique skill, Necromancy. It revives the last monster that died, with 1 hp, and it can be used multiple times. You can revive a buffed monster, or even make combos with monsters like Revenarchion.

But it depends on your strategy and what you’re focusing on. Dusicyon can be slapped in any team and excels at PvP. Atrahasis requires some building, and it’s a key monster in PvE.

Or you can just keep saving your tickets and go for one of those limited time monsters, such as shiny Bunkerbeast or shiny Kamiwyrm. As I said, it depends on your strategy! If you’re a beginner, go for Dusy.