Which monster should i buy from exchange shop?

I got 6 star tickets and the options i have are these

Is this discount for featured monsters

yeah i guess

Idk check the tier list

um whats that?
guide me

Best option is buy atrahasis


Search ‘tier list’ in the forum

If u need a stun absorber then only go for dusci else go for atra and if there is some discount in featured mons and u have some link earth then u could go for shiny tridrakhan which I think is a great PvP mons for begginers and stun entrance can help u in pve too.

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I recommend the Atrahasis :smile:
I made a simple video about shop exchange, I hope it helps you :dizzy:Lol


Wait till the end of this month to decide. There is a limited time monster’s update.

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Save for Dusicyon I think. It is nice support, giving a shield to all teammates when they enter, purify for sleep/poison and stun absorber. It is best for PvP but still works as support in PvE when you need it.

Agree with KD. Duscy is best. Don’t listen any moron who says it’s bad because it got nerfed. Best stun absorber around


Nah that’s plume, duscy is 2nd best after.


Utopianhold my beer
It’s the best since game was released

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Times up says hi

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Even though it’s awesome

guys i only got 4 tickets lol and dusc and atrah cost 6

Then why did you ask if you don’t have enough tickets to buy any good monsters? ALL of the good monsters cost 6 tickets

How did none of you notice this in the pics he sent

Just get two more tickets then buy Atrahasis or Dusicyon