Thoughts on Mai ( New Mythic) and The New Legendary

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Bruh the mythic is your average onlyfans twitch girl


my ducyon and penguin’s new boyfriend came out

by the way mythical beauty, it is not exaggerated nor is it a vulgar design

Although legendary passive is super strong , it’s moveset is pretty crippled !


The trio is complete
Shield field- Dusi
Misty Field- Lilithia
Overwatch field- Sephileon

The big question I want answered by people is:
Do you feel that sonic strike is a strong move to have on a support mythic??

What it does is allow you to skip turns with the monster in PvP. The opponent either takes their turn, so you can line up your support moves (just ASMR in this case) or they skip back and you can sonic strike them.

I can’t figure out whether this makes the monster very good for general use or if, in practice, you can’t use sonic strike effectively. I remember when Megalodragon first came out it was considered very powerful to keep skipping and do sonic strike when they skip back (which is why it was given the frenzy passive). However, it only needs one kill then can keep going with bloodbite. These support monsters will have to line it up over and over so the opponent may avoid skipping back too much that it doesn’t get to attack much.


Yeah and chrono weakness too!

It’s got more potential for synergy and power than Dusicyon I think. However, the rest of it is definitely a bit weaker

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I think sonic strike sucks for support mythics, but I’m also thankful that was the attack move they chose to give Mai.

i only liked the passive ngl, so im saving my gems lol hahah

Just look up what ASMR is, because I had no idea until just now what that was and that was even a thing. The devs are even more perverted than they have been.


I like the asmr songs, make me releive stress sometimes😆

you need help son, may lord nova be with you

I am joking🤣

I see it well, the antidote is an effective ability, it kills monsters like orca nullton scaleguar bache ziberus among others, it can line up or use antidote, I’m not really sure but I think it would be better off fl

Mai Mai Mai what do we have here


Don’t know what you found from your searching but it’s not perverted. ASMR was a huge trend a couple of years ago on YouTube, podcasts and other media platforms. Now we have “mindfulness” being the more trendy thing.

Yeah, I think this is probably the best use for her too. 88% speed with sonic strike is nice, especially because if there isn’t a target you can skip turns behind enemies and force them all to use moves unless they want to get killed. What should happen is she kills something then you have more monsters than the opponent so she gets the defence buff and is extremely hard to kill… so she survives and can do the same thing with sonic strike.

Later on she can also heal teammates if needed, step back to bring in your next monster (great entrance control) as well as create throw fodder and if poison monsters ever come she can punish that.


How to use new lion

Ap ap ap .and more ap spam

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Not really… they will block the moves so all you can do is ultrathunder. The designers thought about that :wink:

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although it is raw I would use it with ducyon an ap probably the one of lethal revenge and entered penguin would also put the mythical new one to eliminate the orca