Thoughts on Era of the Dragon?

As a new player do you think it is worth it to spend my gems on this pack or should I wait for a better one?

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new players should definitely wait for either a much better special egg or the next festival for better odds

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Yes it’s worth Hatching in this festival but not for new players :v. I saw many new players saying “WTF why is Monster’s life is decreasing on his own” :v

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Thank you everyone for your replies!

Try to roll azida or restart

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Thanks. I already made this mistake though.

I had 99 training points sitting idle, had 40 gems just collected and was desperately in need of legendaries as I need a good FL to play in PvP and do other tournaments and challenges.

So for all the above reasons I hatched it.

Didn’t even imagine this worse a hatch in my least expectations. (Just got one 5 star tye other one is copy and I won’t even be using the 5 star new monster i got)

Basically if I just deleted all the 10 monsters i hatched it would hurt me even a bit